6th Virtual Show

Entries will be accepted from 11/04/19 to 11/30/19.
Late entries will not be accepted.

Members are permitted 5 free entries. Additional entries may be submitted at a cost of $1/entry, up to a maximum of 5. Nonmembers may submit entries for a cost of $1/entry up to a maximum of 5. Entries will be accepted in the order they are received. Unpaid entries will not be considered complete and will not be considered.

There are no set U8 dates for this show, and any mouse may be entered as U8 provided that they were between 4 and 8 weeks old at the time that the photo was taken.

Any photos taken from now until the close of entries will be accepted, however entries will not open for submission of those entries until November 1st 2019. (This is to allow breeders to take advantage of weather and schedules to get the photos)

Guide for entering

Step 1

Each entry requires 5 photos of the mouse. One photo should show the size of the mouse next to a dollar bill, for scale. All photos should be taken in natural light and be on a neutral background to ensure anonymity.

  • Scale/overhead photo: This photo should be taken from above. The mouse should not be looking at the camera.
  • Side photos (2): A photo of each side of the mouse. 
  • Head photo: This photo should be taken with the camera at the eye level of the mouse, in order to get the best possible look at its head.
  • Belly photo: A photo of the underside of the mouse, including vent. ​
Examples of the photos needed (photos take from an entry for the 4th annual virtual show)

Step 2

Email the photos to the following email address: eekmousery@gmail.com

Please, no identifiers (sticky notes, index cards, etc) in the photos submitted. This includes the name of the mouse.

​Images should be named in the following format: 
A mouse named “Jane” would have photos named “Jane1”, “Jane2”, “Jane3”, “Jane4”, and “Jane5”.

Each entry also requires the following information in the body of the entry (not as file names or text on the image):

  • Owner of the mouse
  • Owner’s Mousery name
  • Breeder’s Mousery name (if different)
  • Mouse’s name
  • Mouse’s sex
  • Mouse’s age
  • Mouse’s variety*

    You can enter all your mice in the same email but please include the above for each mouse in that email.

* Please be as specific as possible with the variety, eg instead of just “angora” put “black pied merle angora satin”

Entries missing information or required photos will be considered invalid and will not be submitted for judging, so please double check that your entry is complete. Feel free to direct questions to the email listed if you are unsure of something.

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