2023 Appalachian Show

July 29th, 2023


Best in Show:
Wolffe Mousery’s White Lightning and Wine, a pink-eyed white buckling
Best Opposite Age:
Wolffe Mousery’s Expect the Unexpected, a chinchilla buck
Best Opposite Sex:
Mystique Menagerie’s Gloria, a satin champagne abyssinian doeling

1st: SCW White Lightning and Wine
2nd: SCW Hijinx, a black doe
3rd: MYST Bliss, a satin cinnamon doe

AOV (included Tan/Fox, Coated)
1st: SCW Expect the Unexpected
2nd: MYST Gloria
3rd: MYST Nyx, a black tan doe

Daniel Rogers Champagne Award: MYST Gloria


Hosted by Maggie Laigaie of Rainbow Island Mousery

Judged by Allison Hamilton of Neudai Mousery

125 Village Green Cir, Rocky Top, TN 37769

Join us at Norris Dam State Park for our annual Appalachian Show!

U8 Eligibility Birth Dates: 3rd June – 1st July
If your mouse was born between the above dates, that mouse should be entered as a U8, meaning a pup. If the mouse was born prior to June 3rd, the mouse should be entered as an adult. If the mouse is born after July 1st, the mouse is too young to attend the show.

Quarantine Begins: June 29th
Quarantine for any FMBA-sponsored event begins 30 days prior to the event. During this time, no attendee may expose their mice to new animals from outside of their own mousery, nor bring their mice elsewhere and then return them to the mousery. Non-mouse animals attending the show (for trades, sales, etc) should also participate in quarantine. For more information about quarantine, check out the full explanation here: https://www.fmbamice.com/general-care/quarantine/

Entries Open: July 15
Entries Close: July 22

Only FMBA members are eligible to enter mice into the show. Entry forms will be available on our website starting on July 15th, and we will no longer accept entries after July 22nd. If you are not a member, you can also join the club at this time. Unpaid invoices, whether for membership or for entries, will result in entries being denied at the show. Entries will not be taken at the door.

Health check will be conducted on the day of the show, at the show hall. All animals entering the show hall must be health checked by FMBA health inspectors before entering the hall. Animals turned away for reason of disease must be sequestered. Sale or trade of animals in the parking lot of the event is not allowed, nor may animals be left in vehicles for the duration of the show.


  1. I’m looking to get a small group of mice this year at the Appalachian show. Maybe 1 buck 2-3 does. I have previous showing and breeding towards show standards experience. I took a small break and am ready to get back to it. I’m not particularly picky on what variety but I am more drawn to/familiar with PEW, Fawn, merle/roan, blue, ex black, dove, champagne or chocolate standard smooth coat, recessive fuzzy or rex coated preferred. Open to self or pied. I can pick up at the show and don’t mind waiting until after the show if it’s mice being entered. Feel free to message me at 423-492-1200 or on Facebook under Zarina Shipley or The Z Spot Exotics (where you can see my previous mice and some previous show pics). Thank you so much in advance!!

  2. This would be my first mouse show, so I wanted to double-check on etiquette/policy: is this open for individuals to just view the show and interact with breeders, as well as possibly take home some mice, or is this a professionals-only ranked event? And do you have to be a member to attend, or only if one plans to enter an animal for the show? I would love to come up with a friend and look at all the lovely little mousies, but she is more of a hobbyist and neither of us have much experience. Sorry for all the silly questions! 🙂

    • Hey there! You do need to be a member to enter any mice into the show, but everything else is open to the public. We look forward to seeing you!

  3. ISO :
    1.1 black self ( a/a or ae/ae )
    + bonus for void mouse
    1.0 ivory/pew ( c/ce or c/c )
    1.0 red ( Ay )
    1.1 Siamese/Burmese ( Seal or Blue )

    Just wanting to replace my current older bucks with HQ new blood.

    Feel free to message on FB ( Dandelion Critters / Viktor Davis )

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