4th Annual Virtual Show

Entries were accepted from May 8th through June 5th, 2016. 
There were a total of 25 entries.

The Classes

Adult, Black Eyed
Adult, ​Ruby or Pink Eyed

Under 8 Weeks, Does
Under 8 Weeks, Bucks

Top Honors

Best In Show

Also Best In Class, Adult, Black Eyed
Owner: Kylie H.
Stud/Mousery: High Contrast Critters
Mouse’s Name: HCC Mouflon
Sex: Female
Variety: Standard Agouti
​Age: Adult

Judge’s Commentary: Such a dark agouti! She appears faintly paler at the mouth, but has great pigment on all but one or two toes. Tail and ear pigment are also excellent. A well-shaped muzzle and well-set tail bookend a lovely arch. Her ears have good shape and size, but are too high for standard. Her greatest fault is her lighter under, with especially yellow tint around the vent. She could be warmer, more golden overall, with less of the dark dorsal. A few uneven areas on her right side also mar the smoothness of the ticking.

Best Opposite Age & Best Opposite Sex

Also Best In Class, Under 8 Weeks, Bucks
Owner: Laci T.
Stud/Mousery: White Stag Mousery
Mouse’s Name: WSM Sterling
Sex: Male
Variety: Standard Dove
​Age: Under 8 Weeks
Judge’s Commentary: Ears, set, and head are fabulous. Keep developing that tail set, but it’s definitely nothing to sniff at, here; great job on overall type. Color is fairly even, if a little cool for dove, but that vent is VERY orange. Watch that the coat doesn’t get thin on his under, there’s a little bit of laddering on this boy.

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