2016 Eau Claire FMBA Presentation Booth

Hosted by Hillary N. of Niemi Farms Micro, Jon H. of Limited Edition Fancy Mice, and Faith B. of Ostara Blues

I had a blast this last weekend running a presentation stand for the FMBA at the Eau Claire “Wings, Tails, and Scales Pet Fair.” Jon provided a large array of media items, including two display boards and a festive tank that Faith filled with an example of every color of mouse she had on hand. The coloring pages that Kylie sent me were very popular, and there was a nearly constant gaggle of children at the table showing off their art skills. A copy of the Mouse Minute went over well, and the people who looked through it really seemed to like the “Brag About It” section.

Everyone who stopped by was delighted by the large ears, the shine to the satins, and the striking points on the Siamese. Adults and children alike asked to pet the display mice, exclaiming at how unexpectedly soft they were. Very few people had anything negative to say, and many had good questions about their care. From the brief amount of attention I was able to give Faith and Jon, it looked like quite a few people went home with Satin Siamese.

After a very intense five hour event that 800 people attended, the crowd began to thin, and we were able to pack up and head our separate ways. My throat is still sore from all the talking, but getting to spread the word about the club and fancy mice in general was worth it, and I would do it again.
PS: If you’re looking for an affordable banner, Faith bought hers from one of the many pre-made options on the oriental trading company website.

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