2014 South Central Show

Best In Show

Tulsa, Oklahoma, September 20, 2014

Show Results

A1 (NFM1st BEST IN SHOW – Black self doe. 1 white toe on her back left foot. Great big ears. A little bit of milk mouth. Even under, small line. Great vent. NO fault hairs. Good tailset. Good tail length and pigment. Great condition. Good mouse overall.
C4 (NFM1st BEST OPPOSITE SEX – Black fuzzy buck. Tan hairs on the sides. Even coat. No thin patches. A couple of white toes. Good ear and tail pigment. Awesome ears and eyes. Whiskers are a little less curly. Good jawline. 

Under 8 Weeks
U1 (NFM1st – Black self buck. Has some white toes. Glossy coat. Good tailset. Good, black ears. He’s a smidge pointy in the face.
U2 (NFM2nd – Pied merle buck. Great pattern distribution, just needs some more white on top. His tail is a little short. Skull is awesome. Overall excellent type.
U3 (NFM3rd – PEW doe. Great coat condition. Needs a little more tail. Great ears. Nice, big eyes. She’s a little thin in the face, mostly just feminine.
U4 (CWM) – RY merle doe. A little sooty. Good pattern. Great, huge eyes. Needs a little help with her ears. Great under pattern. A wee bit thick-set.

Satin  – A lot of just ok in this class – No blue ribbon awarded.
S1 (MRS2nd – PEW satin doe. Flighty. Good coat condition. Ear creases. Good Roman nose. Good skull, but needs more ear size. Okay, but not great on the tail.
S2 (MRS) – RY tricolor buck. No tailset at all. Big, beefy head. He is too heavy Fantastic whiskers. Great pattern, almost looks double banded. Good skull under all the weight.
S3 (MRS3rd – RY tricolor buck. Crimped ears. Better tailset. Great big eyes. Good skull. Pattern not as good. Short tail.
S4 (MRS) – RY pied doe. Needs more white and ears. Good skull, eyes, and muzzle. Tailset okay.
S5 (MRS) – RY pied doe. Coat condition is off. Ok tailset and tail. Small ears. Pattern is okay. Thin in haunches, she needs muscle.

C1 (MRS) DQ: TAIL TIP INJURY – Black angora tricolor buck. Needs more white. Overweight. Needs ears and tailset. Needs coat length.
C2 (NFM2nd – Black pied fuzzy buck. Dense, great coat. Long guard hairs. Some laddering underneath. Good ears and eyes. Great curl in whiskers. Coat is a little thin in the shoulders. Overall he’s great.
C3 (MRS) – Angora black tricolor buck. Banded. Good coat length, but has longish guard hairs. Needs bigger ears. Has more tailset than you usually see in a coated. Portly mouse with a short tail. Has a chunk missing from his right ear.
C5 (MRS3rd – Black self angora buck. Tan vent and rings around his ears. All toes are white. Large, well-placed eyes. Good Roman nose. Great whiskers. White tail tip. Overweight. Needs length and set for his tail. Even coat, but could have more length.
C6 (NFM) – Black pied fuzzy buck. Super curly whiskers. 1 ear is creased. Good tailset for a coated. Tail is a little short. Coat is a little thin behind the ears, and has laddering underneath. Great condition, well-muscled.

P1 (MRS) – Ivory RY splashed doe. A little heavy. Needs tailset. Good coat condition. Good under. Needs a little more ears. Huge eyes. Good, feminine face. Nose is a little pointy. Almost no splashed on left. No splashed under.
P2 (MM1st – Blue colorpoint beige buck. Good coat condition. Subtle molt mark on hips. Good tail pigment with a nice taper. Feet could be darker. Clean nose point. Ears are a little small. Even coat underneath. A little bit chunky.
P3 (NFM2nd – Black merle doe. More roan on her right. Great pattern under. Good tailset and length. Ears are even, held just a little high. Merling on feet and tail is good. Tiny nicks on her right ear.
P4 (MM) – Blue colorpoint beige doe. Point on nose is too light. No points on her feet. Color is a little mealy and has no rump point. Good condition. Great type, eye, ears, nose, and muzzle.
P5 (NFM3rd – Black merle doe. Not enough roan, mostly on right and under. Good roaning on feet. Ears a bit high. Good type overall. Could use more tailset. A little poofy behind the ears.

Any Other Variety (AOV)
A2 (MRS3rd – Black tricolor doe. Brindling across shoulders. Not enough white. Good ear shape, but not big enough. Not enough black. Good tailset. Great coat quality. Good condition. Ears are very tulip-y.
A3 (NFM2nd – Black merle pied doe. Good balance of black and roan. Solid white under. Need to break up the white. Great ears. More tail pigment would be good. Good tailset. Great overall condition.
A4 (MM) – PEW buck. Coat condition needs work. Great size. Good muscle. Needs tailset. Laddered under. Good eyes. Pet-type ears. Great whiskers. Kinda pointy in the face.

Pet Class
Pet 1 (MM “Lucy”) Honorable Mention – Himalayan doe. Inquisitive. Patient. Super cute and fluffy. Squishy.
Pet 2 (MM “Benjamin”) – Pied pointed buck. Tail kink. Pied on nose. Very active. Calms down easily. Doesn’t want to be put down/velcro mouse.

Photo credit goes to Hillary N. Of Niemi Farms Micro. Thank you for helping document our passion!

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